Laser Tattoo Removal San Francisco

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Laser Tattoo Removal, San Francisco

At TattooBeGoneSF we specialize in bringing you cutting edge laser tattoo removal services. With over 20,000 procedures performed, wether it’s tattoo fading or removal, we strive to make your experience as painless and as comfortable as possible. Innovative cooling systems and topical anesthetics are options for your treatment that are provided for you free of cost. We also offer the best pricing Gaurantee. Don’t pay a arm and a leg for your tattoo removal any more! We recognize the value of every person and are guided by our commitment to excellence and quality of service. NOTICE: PICOSURE is a laser that claims to remove tattoos in half the treatments. BEWARE: There has been several class action law suits filed against this company for false advertisement. Google “Picosure Class action lawsuit” Also Picosure is a Alexandrite laser that is a laser that fires on a 755nm wavelegnth. This is a wavelegnth that is more tailored for blue and green ink. This wavelegnth targets more of the pigment in your skin. You also may pay a lot more for a treatment with the picosure for a treatment that is not more effective than the traditional gold standard ND Yag Lasers.

World Class Technology

Remove your tattoo with the most current and effective laser on the market for your tattoo! Our laser has the shortest pulse width of any laser out on the market currently, which means every time the laser pulses, it is pulseing faster into and out of your skin with less time on tissue (which means more effective and safer treatments). Spectra VRM pulse width is 0.05nanoseconds compared to the competitors (Medlite C6 laser 0.20nanoseconds or Alex Trivantage which is 0.50nanoseconds) the proof is in the science. Power comparison Spectra VRM 1,200 millajoules compared to competitors (Medlite C6 1,000 millajoules or Alex Trivantage 400 millajoules). By far, We have Superior Technology for your laser tattoo removal needs!

Tips: When shopping around don’t forget to ask the brand of laser they are using!!!

If you have received a written price quote from anywhere else, we will beat their price guaranteed!

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State-of-the-Art Technology

We provide Gold Standard service with our Q-Switched ND Yag Spectra VRM Laser by Lutronic and Q-Switched Alexandrite Laser, which is ideal for all tattoos, whether ametuer, professional or multicolored. We CAN remove green and sky blue along with all other colors like nobody else!  Call for your free consultation. No other facility in SF  has the ability to remove ALL TATTOO COLORS.

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