Tattoo Removal Prices

$100 per square inch per treatment for the first 2 square inches. $50 per square inch starting  from 3rd to 4th sq. inch.  $25 per sq in per treatment for inches 5 and above.
• Minimum: $79 per visit if only one square inch.

  • Garuenteed Best pricing in Norcal. ( Unlike other places in the city, our %50 off pricing does not reflect the quality of our lasers) We provide the Gold Standard when it comes to quality and technology. Don’t be fooled, quality of lasers makes a big difference in your chances of scarring and end results!
  • If you have a written quote from ANYWHERE (excluding Groupons or living social) we will beat the price for you.

 1″x1″ = $79

2nd Sq.inch = $100 per Sq.inch= $200 (now 50%OFF)=$100

3rd Sq. inch = $50 for Sq.inch= $250 (now 50% OFF)=$120

4th Sq. inch = $50 for Sq.inch= $300 (now 50% OFF)=$150

5 Sq. inch =$25 for Sq.inch= $325 (now 50% OFF)=$162

6 Sq. inch =$25 for Sq.inch= $350 (now 50% OFF)=$175

7 Sq. inch =$25 for Sq.inch= $375 (now 50% OFF)=$187

8 Sq. inch =$25 for Sq.inch= $400 (now 50% OFF)=$200

9 Sq. inch =$25 for Sq.inch= $425 (now 50% OFF)=$212

10 Sq. inch =$25 for Sq.inch= $450 (now 50% OFF)=$225

11 Sq. inch =$25 for Sq.inch= $475 (now 50% OFF)=$237

5% Discount for package of 3 treatments.

10% Discount for package of 5 treatments.

15% Discount for package of 7 treatments.

By Appointment Only.  Sorry, No Walk-Ins Accepted.  Schedule your appointment today.  All major credit cards accepted.

We are flexible with pricing and nothing is set in stone, especially with larger sized tattoos.

Please Note:

Exact quote will be given during consultation.

For full back or sleeved arms we will only do half arm or half back per treatment as there’s too much swelling involved if we do more, other half should be scheduled 2 weeks later.